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When creating new furniture, TOOU aim is durability in design and aesthetics, therefore products are never superfluous in accessories nor designed for ephemeral trends, but universal and versatile. TOOU strives to create innovative and fresh products in a process of user-centered design that puts people at the heart of things.


International Project Strategic Partner


Gabriel is a niche company which, in the entire value chain from concept to furniture user, develops, manufactures and sells upholstery fabrics, components, upholstered surfaces and related products and services.

Gabriel develops its services to be used in fields of application where product features, design and logistics have to meet invariable requirements, and where quality and environmental management must be documented.


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Based on the new international concept of overall commercial scene, Uispair is the first domestic commercial space integrated design and furniture soft decoration product service provider to put forward the concept of "commercial scene". Uispair are committed to providing our customers with the scene oriented business environment with the international leading concept and the overall soft decoration solutions for the business environment, helping them to break away from the traditional business model and design and construct a modern, fashionable, future, diversified, environmental friendly and comfortable space environment;


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Grado means “ degree” in Italian. It reminds us to see designs from new perspectives, to pursue a simple and natural style, to design furniture that are related to daily life closely. Grado try to bring furniture back into nature of “a houseware”, a friendly object like something from the old days.

Grado hopes that each product has its own unique story, transmitting the pursuit of quality and thinking about design. She cares about our work, so much as it cares about our life. The products are oriented to the needs of users and provide them with abundant recreation opportunities through creating friendly space and offering rich categories.


International Project Strategic Partner

Though WOODMARK was founded in Australia in 1986, the company story began in 1968 in Denmark, when 19-year-old upholsterer Arne Norgaard Christiansen took a long trip to Australia. Little did he know the far-reaching effects this would have on his life or the Australian furniture industry.

Christiansen had already been trained in upholstery craft as well as carpet-laying and curtain-making skills. His experience in the industry exposed him to the fundamental sensibilities and quality of Danish Design.